Monday, 21 November 2011

Carme's Promo Shoot

Carmen had a great weekend shooting with Neal Burtsyn for her new Promo pictures. She is looking very elegant with her darker hair and is ready to bring out more musical tunes and actress appearances for you all.  Here are a few pictures that have already been released;  

Monday, 22 August 2011

A lil Something to Blog About...

It's been a while since I updated my blog. There is a reason behind it, (reasons) actually. I've been busy trying to manage/market/succeed in making my music dream come to life. It's not as easy as closing your eyes and hoping it'll come true, although, I wish it was! Because I'd be blogging 24/7, and getting really good at it =)

Wanted to take the time and share something with you all. Bits and pieces of my journey so far; Roads, many of them. Sleepless nights, heartfelt smiles, tears, happy ones too, downfalls, and determination that never leaves my mind and soul. I never challenged myself as much as now. Why? Because I am taking chances. As scary as that sounds, it is really something I have become good at. Always being picked on as a kid and feeling insecure about myself was really not something I'd feel like doing all the time, and here I am today...

Making it in the musicbiz as an independent artist is crazy hard. Kind-of like starting your own business without any money just knowledge.  Its a matter of making people believe in you and what you're all about. I had to really think of that, and first believe in myself completely before I start singing and making people believe the words that are coming out of my mouth. In just a matter of time, I started getting booked for gigs left and right. I managed to record 6 songs for my demo album "Inspired" in just a few months. Writing 6 songs spontaneously out of excitement, of getting an opportunity of a life-time to record my voice in a studio with a great producer. Did I mention I got to shoot my first Music Video with a big production company from Miami and will be coming out soon? And how proud/thrilled I am about my affiliation with SickKids Foundation? Well, if you ever ask yourself if taking a chance is really worth it? come back and read this again, I think you will find your answer here.

With performances lined up, TV appearances, it is still just me, trying to make it among all other well-known artists and get recognized for the same thing. There's one thing I do not want, and that is to rise quick and fall down and not be remembered the same way. I am doing everything possible to do this the right way. And at the same time still enjoy my life and every second of this whole journey wherever it may or may not take me. I  have worked hard all my life. Any job I took on, I tried giving it my best and I am ready to make this dream a career and excel beyond my hopes and imagination.

I know everyone says that; "It's never too late" saying, and it really isn't. I hope by reading this, it'll give you a little inspiration in pursuing taking chances at your dreams and not let anything stand in your way of making them come true. Life is very short, and beautiful in many ways-we just have to live knowing we can and nothing's impossible.

Believe in yourself, and make good changes. Maybe you'll discover something new about who you are.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Present is a Gift

The art of life is sensation. To feel that we exist, even in pain. Accepting the difficulty of opening up our hearts again after we’ve been hurt and betrayed by the people who love and trust is tough. But don’t break in silence. Silence can hold so many words. We must always be true to ourselves and let our voice guide us.

Forgiving and letting things go won’t do you that much justice, rather just by learning from the experience will. Always remember that “greater” lessons can be learnt from the pain we feel inside. So appreciate your life and just enjoy the present moment.

Easier said than done? Well,  realize that you are in control of your own life. And truthfully, the only person who can make you happy is YOU.